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Chandler Hill Winery

Scotties PubHouse

The Loading Dock


Cedar Lake Cellars

Mardi Growl (Eureka)


Lake of the Ozarks &

various wedding reception

venues in the

Metro St. Louis Area

Ron Hogrebe - Guitar & Vocals

​Dean Boeschen - Vocals

Troy has been into music since he emerged from the womb.​ Music has always been a part of his life since playing on his dad's 3-piece '65 blue sparkle Slingerland drum kit. Troy joined A4n back in 2009. His biggest influence is none other than John Bohnam.

Our newest, and oldest member...Johnnie Farr has the coolest band name. He's played in various bands, most recently Less Than Serious. Johnnie joined our band 2013, we are lucky to have him in A4n!

Ron regularly plays with bands like ZZ Top, Santana and Allman Bros.(while they are coming out of the speakers at home). He formerly played with the bands Off the Record and Second Nature. He has been in A4n since 2007.

Dean joined the band back in 2003, when it was called "Foundation." Together with bandmate Don Beile, they pushed the band out of the basement and onto a few real stages...Twisters was the first gig! Dean's influences include Matchbox 20, Goo Goo Dolls, Sinatra and Journey.

"If I am not playing my bass, I'm on my boat."

Troy Burton - Drums 
​Sean Dineen - Keyboards & Vocals 
Don Beile - Bass Guitar 
Johnnie Farr - Guitar & Vocals
​About the Band

Sean got his start in church music at the age of 10. He has been a church and wedding musician for over 25 years in the St. Louis area,  most notably as chiormaster for SLU campus ministry. His musical influences come from a broad spectrum; Irish traditional, classical, jazz and blues, and the artists Sting, Neil Diamond, and Cowboy Mouth among many others. He plays Hammond organ, piano, and acoustic guitar.